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Aerial Film Processing & Scanning
Aerial Film Processors
Aerial Photographic Companies & Organisations (Service Providers)
Aerial Photographic Libraries
Aerial Photography & Remote Sensing for Archaeology
Aerial Photography from Balloons & Blimps
Aerial Photography from Kites
Aerial Photography from Powered Paragliders
Aerial Photography from Radio-Controlled Fixed-Wing UAV Aircraft
Aerial Photography from Radio-Controlled Rotary-Wing UAV Aircraft
Aerial Photography from Telescopic Masts
Aerial Triangulation Software & Services
Air Photo & Image Interpretation (Service Providers)
Airborne (& Spaceborne) Laser Scanning & Mapping (US Govt. Agencies)
Airborne Digital Frame Cameras
Airborne Digital Imagery Suppliers
Airborne Digital Pushbroom Line Scanners
Airborne Flight Planning & Navigation Systems
Airborne Laser Scanning & Mapping (Service Providers)
Airborne Laser Scanning (General)
Airborne Laser Scanning (University Research Groups)
Airborne Laser Scanning Software
Airborne Laser Scanning System Suppliers
Airborne Minefield Detection
Airborne Video Cameras & Systems
Airborne Video Imaging & Mapping (Service Providers)
Analytical Photogrammetric Systems & Conversions
Balloon, Blimp & Airship Manufacturers & System Suppliers for Aerial Photography
BeiDou (Chinese) Satellite Navigation System
Cartographic Publishers & Map Production
Close Range Photogrammetric Systems & Companies
Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS)
Community Mapping Projects
Data Capture & Conversion (Digitizing/Scanning) Bureaux
Digital & Mechanical Planimeters
Digital Mapping & GIS Software & System Suppliers
Digital Photogrammetric Systems, Workstations & Software
Digitizers & Scanners (Large Format)
DLR - German Space Agency
Electronic Dodging Printers
European Commission
European Environment Agency (EEA)
European Organisations for Mapping
European Satellite Navigation System - EGNOS & Galileo
European Space Agency (ESA)
Geographic Information Associations & Councils
Geographic, Cartographic & Spatial Data Suppliers
GIS & Image Data Formats, Standards & Infrastructure
GIS Consultants & Solution Providers
Glacier Mapping & Remote Sensing
Global Security Monitoring
GPS - Crustal & Volcanic Monitoring Networks
GPS - Data Formats
GPS - DGPS Services
GPS - Manufacturers & Suppliers
GPS - National & Regional Reference Systems & Stations
GPS - Official Agencies
GPS - SatNav Simulators
GPS - Software Suppliers
GPS - Tutorials
GPS - University Research Groups
Graphic Arts/ Imaging/ Pre-Press Processing Systems
Ground Based (Terrestrial) Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR)
Ground Based (Terrestrial) Laser Scanning (Univ. Research Groups)
Ground-Based (Terrestrial) Digital Panoramic Line Scanners
Ground-Based (Terrestrial) Laser Scanning Services
Ground-Based (Terrestrial) Laser Scanning Software
Ground-Based (Terrestrial) Laser Scanning Systems
Gyro-Stabilized Gimbals & Camera Platforms
Hydrographic & Offshore Survey Companies
Hyperspectral Imaging
Image & Map Data Compression
Image & Spatial Data Archiving, Handling, Management & Delivery
Inertial Navigation Systems (including DGPS/INS Integration)
Infra-Red (I-R) Imaging
International Association of Geodesy (IAG)
International Cartographic Association (ICA)
International Federation of Surveyors (FIG)
JAXA Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS)
Location-Based Solutions & Services
Magazines & Journals
Map Libraries
Map Printers
Map Projections
Map, Atlas & Globe Suppliers
Marine Navigation & Hydrographic Surveying Software & Systems
Marine Navigation Chart Production Software
Marine Navigation Chart Suppliers
Mobile Mapping Systems (Van + DGPS + INS)
National Atlases
National Govt. & International Hydrographic Survey & Oceanographic Organisations
National Govt. & International Remote Sensing Organisations
National Govt. & International Surveying & Mapping Organisations
New Folder
News about GIS
News about GPS & Location Based Services (LBS) & Applications
News about Space Remote Sensing
News about Terrain Visualization
NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration)
Other Bookmarks
Photogrammetric Film Scanners
Photogrammetric Instrument Maintenance & Repairs
Plotters - Film Recorders
Plotters - Pen, Inkjet, Laser, etc.
Professional & Scientific Associations, Organisations & Societies
Radar & Microwave Systems, Acquisition & Processing
Remote Sensing & Photogrammetric Consultants
Remote Sensing - Image Processing Companies & Image Suppliers
Remote Sensing - Satellite Constructors
Remote Sensing - Satellite Ground Receiving Station Operators
Remote Sensing - Satellite Ground Receiving Station Suppliers
Remote Sensing - Satellite Operators
Remote Sensing - Software & System Suppliers
Stereoscopes (Mirror & Lens)
Stereoscopic Viewing - Hardware & Software
Surveying Instrument Manufacturers & Suppliers
Surveying Software
Surveying, Photogrammetric & Mapping Companies (Service Providers)
Telecommunications & Radio Frequencies
Terrain & Elevation Model Data
Terrain Modeling & Visualization Systems & Software
Terrain Modeling - Solid Terrain Models
U.S. State Departments of Transport - Surveying & Mapping Branches or Divisions
U.S. State Mapping & GIS Facilities
Underwater Acoustic Systems & Suppliers (Echo Sounders, Sonars, Positioning, etc.)
University & College Depts. & Institutes
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) - Fixed-Wing UAV Manufacturers
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) - Rotary-Wing UAV Manufacturers
Web Links Sites
Web-based Image Suppliers
Web-based Interactive Map & Location Services